Which is better, carpet or hardwood flooring? It all depends on preference and a few other considerations. To each his own, but a number of issues may also influence your decision on whether to install carpet or hardwood flooring. Some issues include the ambiance you’re striving for, and whether or not you have pets. Comfort levels and resale value of the home might also come into play.

There are pros and cons to any type of flooring, depending on its style, age, durability, and location in your home. While tile or vinyl flooring might be best in an entryway or foyer, and porcelain or ceramic tiles in laundry, mud, bathrooms, and kitchen floors, carpeting can be more comfortable in bedrooms. Again, it’s all a matter of preferences.


Carpeting comes in many different styles, colors, and piles that can have a huge impact on the appearance of your floors. While hardwood flooring is just that, it comes in many different types, styles, and shades, from the lightest pine tones to rich walnut and mahogany. When choosing, consider the look you want to achieve (down-home comfy to ultra-sleek and modern) as well as durability and comfort.

Comfort levels

When opting for carpet or hardwood, decide on your personal comfort levels. If you have pets or small children, be aware that hardwood flooring is not as sound resistant as carpeting and it may be slippery for toddlers or older pets. However, hardwood flooring is quite durable and easy to clean, but make sure it’s waterproof. Carpeting provides softer cushioning underfoot, but depending on color, style, and pile, can show signs of wear and tear or staining over time.

Resale values

In recent years, hardwood flooring has grown increasingly desired among homebuyers and has the potential to increase not only the resale value of the home, but often a quicker sale. However, carpeting is also popular, comfortable, and inviting and provides a warm ambiance to any space. Many homeowners opt for both carpeting and hardwood flooring in their homes. Many opt for hardwood flooring in the living areas and carpeting in bedrooms. However, be aware of the difference between real hardwood and luxury or laminate vinyl flooring that is a dent or ‘ding’ resistant and also provides waterproofing capabilities.

About pets

Some people with pets, especially large dogs, may cringe at the thought of hardwood floors, but they’re actually quite scratch resistant if they’re made of true hardwoods. When considering hardwood flooring, turn to harder woods like maple, teak, or mesquite that can be finished with a matte or low-gloss finish, better at hiding a scratch or two. Also, opt for finishing with a scratch-resistant finishing product. That said, some pets do not like the feel of hardwood or tile flooring, and will stubbornly resist walking on it. In addition, it’s not all that comfortable for sleeping, especially when it comes to older dogs.

When it comes to deciding which is better, carpet or hardwood flooring, explore your options before making a decision. ProSand Flooring in Indianapolis offers the best of both worlds, carpet installation Indianapolis and hardwood floors.